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Scaling the Management of Your Online Community


As an online community grows, it has different needs. The community manager will find him or herself dealing with new challenges that may require adjustments be made in order to scale their efforts.

For the sake of this presentation, online community refers to a structured, hosted online community, such as a forum, that you are fully responsible for.

Pulling from direct management experience of established, mature communities over the last 12 years, we will highlight some of these challenges, and share strategies that you can employ to navigate them successfully.

This will include discussion of the intricacies involved with sustaining continued growth and activity of a community over time, and the varied challenges that large community membership can bring.

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  1. As more and more information is added into the community, including potentially repetitive contributions, how does the organization of the community evolve?
  2. When a community grows substantially in size, there is a risk of losing or disenfranchising your core audience, and long term supporters. What steps can you take to minimize that risk?
  3. With greater contributions comes a greater burden on moderation. How can you scale your moderation team, and the policies they have to fairly and evenly apply to members?
  4. How does the community manager role change as a community grows?
  5. What can you do to tap into the power of your growing membership to help you scale your management of the community?



Patrick O'Keefe, Owner, iFroggy Network

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