SXSW Interactive 2013

Hacking the Crowd: Artists as Entrepreneurs


Molly Crabapple - visual artist, and Kim Boekbinder - musician, are both champions of the crowd funding age. Both have received international praise and recognition for their groundbreaking work in their respective mediums, as well as the way they run their careers. Though they work in different fields what the two have in common is that they have both built their careers on their own: no management, booking, labels, or galleries of any kind have made possible what they do. Yet they both make a living as full time artists in a world where we are told that fewer and fewer people are paying for music and art.

Molly Crabapple discusses circumventing the rigid gallery system which favors the sale of large and expensive works of art over the quick, passionate, and current work of such a prolific artist.

Kim Boekbinder brings to the table her groundbreaking pre-sold tour concept and the successes and pitfalls of an artist in close contact with her audience.

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  1. Is crowd funding the future? And if so: is it the best future?
  2. Can artists promoting their own crowd funded careers still find the time and creativity for their art?
  3. Would the time, money, and energy spent on a crowd funding campaign be better spent in more traditional promotional areas?
  4. What is the difference between crowd funding and begging? Should established artists be doing this too?
  5. Will only the narcissist survive?



Kim Boekbinder, Musician, The Impossible Girl

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