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Citizen Voices and Screaming Bullets in Mexico

Citizen journalism through social media platforms helps deliver truth into mainstream reporting and ensure community safety in places with oppressive regimes. But what happens when, as in Mexico today, truth in reporting is stifled not by a nefarious despot, but rather by an intricate web of drug lords wielding machine guns and Molotov cocktails? Caught in between often-complicit authorities and violent drug cartels, Mexican citizen reporters’ most pressing struggle is that of survival.

After the murders of four citizen reporters in September 2011, the need for a secure and trustworthy platform for social media reporting of Mexico’s drug war became paramount. Enclave, an open-source platform, was designed to address this evolving need with sophisticated security measures, veracity rating tools, and nationwide connections. Enclave promises to be an invaluable tool for disseminating information and best practices in the fight against Mexican drug cartels.

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Shauna Dillavou, Analyst/Trainer, Plessas Experts Network

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