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SXSW Music 2013

The Future Industry of Music and Entertainment

The world of branded music and entertainment is continually evolving. First came Napster, which was quickly followed by MySpace, and now there is Spotify, SoundCloud, Grooveshark, Pandora, and many more. Moreover, the entertainment industry has been changing as well. This panel discussion will take a close examination on where music has been in the past, what it looks like today, and where the future is headed. Technology has made music more accessible – but what are the pros and cons that this has offset? Leaders in music entertainment and industry will discuss what is working – and what is not.
In addition, the panel will present on topics like, the changing relationship between the consumer and the artist, what is new and what is dead in music technology, the building metrics behind artists, music, and entertainment campaigns, and personal experiences from music leaders.

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  1. Give us your perspective on the state of music entertainment and industry – what is working and what is not working?
  2. The music world has greatly changed in the last decade, and is still changing. Where do you see the trends heading? And how would the global consumer embrace the culture shift?
  3. Give us a success story and a story of when a campaign failed. What were the patterns with both?
  4. What makes a good artist break away from the pack? How do you poach good talent? – And when you get the talent how do you maintain the artists’ longevity?
  5. The entertainment industry is notoriously difficult to break into – what is your single, most influential piece of advice for the newbies and veterans of the industry?



Ivo Lukas, Founder/CEO, 24Notion

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