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Spatial Art:Augmentation,Information,Immersioni

The focus of the talk is to shine a spotlight on artists whose work is a response to social media and the Web 2.0, and by doing so exploring the relationship between tech and aesthetics and providing to inspire by art altrenatives to centralized social netwok.Three points will be considered:
1.Radical art, otherwise called Illegal Art. Artists in this field have produced illegal art works that target Facebook, Twitter and other centralized social networks—not anonymously but putting themselves on the front line.
2.Ironic activism. Exploiting the phenomenon of ‘clicktivism’, ironic activism exposes the absurdity of on-line petitions—what is called “interpassivity”
3.Alternative networks. Artists who use augmentation, information and immersion in specific contexts—public or private spaces— aim to create interventionist actions and collective experiences within an experimental, augmented framework and alternatives to social media, with new forms of networks.


  1. Is Internet everted in real space? What it means in terms of social network?
  2. How artists can insipire new form of social network?
  3. Will centralized social network be in the next future or not?
  4. How art art can cooperate with best living in a smart city?
  5. How artists and app developers can work more close?



Simona Lodi, artistic director, Share Festival

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