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Simplicty : The Death of Enterprise Complexity

The laws of physics have changed for enterprise applications – they must now compete as commodities. Enterprise applications used to be viewed as large-scale investments. Their design emphasized security and legislative correctness. Their access was typically gated by the hardware needed to run them.

The drivers for these changes include the new global economy, the availability of open source tools, cloud computing, and the rising tide of consumer expectations.

To compete in this landscape, the old guard must change to survive, it also means radical opportunities are now available to startups. But how do you compete in a commodity software market?

Design is the new differentiator, and simplicity is the design mantra.

In this session we will share our experience designing products to compete in this new landscape – with a focus on simplified user experiences. We will discuss our design principles, the importance of a coding framework, the obstacles and challenges.


  1. How do I take a complex business process and and pare it down to the essential experience?
  2. How do I approach developing a simplified experience for the enterprise?
  3. What obstacles will I face, and how will I overcome them, when developing a simplified experience for the enterprise?
  4. How do I market a simplified experience for the enterprise?
  5. How do I ensure a simplified experience is extensible across devices in the bring-your-own-device environment of the enterprise?



Misha Vaughan, User Experience Architect, Oracle

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