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SXSW Interactive 2013

WTF is a DEO? The Mashup of Creativity & Business

A “DEO, or the “Design Executive Officer”, is a hybrid of a strategic business executive and a creative, problem solver who places design and creativity at the center of their organization. They are the catalysts for transformation and the agents of cultural change. As our world is at a crossroads, these new leaders are cutting through the old paradigms and creating new solutions for very challenging times.
Presenters Maria Giudice and Christopher Ireland will help you survey your own skillset in this area and help you focus on techniques, tactics and intuitions to unlock creativity and become a better business leader.

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  1. WTF is a DEO?
  2. What are the characteristics and qualities that distinguish great creative business leaders?
  3. Where do YOU stand on the DEO scale?
  4. What are the tools and skills that will enable you to be a great DEO?
  5. Who are the DEOs that exist today?



Maria Giudice, DEO and Founder, Hot Studio

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