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Technology's Impact on Impact Investing

Today's investors not only want a financial return on investment, but also social, economic and environmental returns. Microlending, developed by Nobel Peace Prize recipient Muhammad Yunus, has enabled socioeconomic development by helping thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. Now, impact investing is the next step in matching socially conscious investors with capital-seeking businesses.
Impact investing is rapidly gaining momentum and could represent a trillion dollar market in the next decade. Unfortunately, this new asset class has traditionally lack transparency and liquidity. However, new alternative investment platforms are seeking to facilitate impact investment funding at a large scale.
In this talk, Muhammad Yunus will discuss the evolution of impact investing and his vision for social enterprise. Vincent Molinari, CEO of GATE Global Impact, will discuss the development of new marketplace infrastructure to deliver efficiency and transparency to impact investing.

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  1. What is impact investing and social business?
  2. Will impact investing be more effective than traditional philanthropy?
  3. How is technology opening impact investments worldwide?
  4. What are the challenges that the impact investing sector faces, and how can these be overcome through technology?
  5. What are some real-life examples of successful impact investments?



Evelyn Cashen, Account Manager, Leverage PR

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