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SXSW Interactive 2014

Energy Hacks: The Next Wave of a Negawatt Economy

“As a use of sensing and big data, cutting needless energy waste isn’t as sexy as, say, using a snippet of your DNA to create a genetically linked familiar that will stay with you your entire life...But it’s a whole lot more important.” – Brian Walsh, Senior Editor at TIME

Better data and social reinforcement are unlocking low hanging fruit for energy efficiency at the residential level, but much greater opportunities for substantial gains exist in commercial and industrial applications. Where are the next big pockets of energy savings and how will we access them?

It’s easy to say the answer lies in “big data” but this panel will explore what that really means. From a wave of small business energy hacks that open doors, to smart thermostats like Nest that automate efficiency, to increasingly sensorized industrial equipment, there are massive opportunities to drive demand response actions that grow revenues and enable automation that previously existed only in analysts’ dreams.

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  1. What has the greatest potential for impact on energy usage? Home, commercial, or industrial apps?
  2. What’s the next wave of low hanging fruit in terms of energy efficiency and peak shifting?
  3. How can behavioral economics and social media change the incentives for small business energy efficiency?
  4. How can big data leverage vast new data sets created by intelligent devices to drive energy efficiency in commercial and industrial applications?
  5. What new opportunities will be created by upcoming greenhouse gas standards emerging from the EPA?


  • Craig Isakow, Director of Commercial Solutions, WegoWise Inc
  • Roderick Morris, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Operations, Opower
  • Grant Allen, Senior Vice President, ABB Technology Ventures
  • Donna Harris, Co-Founder, 1776


Kate Nolan, Community Manager, 1776

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  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Panel
  • Track: Non-Profit and Activism
  • Level: Advanced
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