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How to Find the Co-Founder of Your Dreams

So you want to start a company--but you know it will grow so much faster if you start it out with someone else. But whom? Your college friends seem to still be in the beer-guzzling phase, and networking events haven't really led you to that "match"--the one person who really "gets" you and the company you want to build.

Where do you find your co-founder? And how do you keep that co-founder relationship from blowing up later on?

What we'll have a conversation about:
--Off-the-beaten-path ways to find a co-founder
--What tech co-founders are looking for in a business person
--What business co-founders are seeking in a tech person
--Specific strategies to help you find your "co-founder match"
--Pros and cons of co-founder relationships vs. going it alone
--How to organize your business so that you don't get screwed by your co-founder (or anyone who comes in later as an equity partner!)




Erica Douglass, CEO, Whoosh Traffic

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