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SXSW Interactive 2014

How to Kickstart and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

Oasis500 is getting a lot of attention in Jordan and the MENA region because it is a unique accelerator/fund that is attempting to do two things:
1. Transform the economy by creating a private sector jobs engine in a region plagued with public sector inefficient jobs at a scale not imagined in Western economies
2. Creating a tech entrepreneurship ecosystem from scratch including:
a. Training entrepreneurs
b. Funding and accelerating new ventures - showing them how to achieve in 3 months what is traditionally a year or more in scope
c. Building a class of angel investors where none exist
d. Building the largest mentor network in the MENA region to help companies perform

The strategy is to achieve culture change by delivering a shock to the system by investing in 500 startups in 6 years. A goal considered impossible and being achieved systematically today. The project started with the urging of HM King Abdullah II and his funding through non-government support.

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  1. How is Oasis500 creating a tech entrepreneurship ecosystem from scratch in the MENA region? and how is it changing the business culture?
  2. Why is it the best time to invest in MENA and specifically in IT startups?
  3. What challenges and gaps is Oasis500 trying to eliminate in the tech startup investments and acceleration ecosystem in the MENA region?
  4. What are the achievements and results in the first two years of operations? and what were the surprises?
  5. why should IT startups consider launching their businesses from the MENA region?


  • Dr. Usama Fayyad, Executive Chairman, Oasis500


Dr. Usama Fayyad, Executive Chairman, Oasis500

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