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SXSWedu 2014

5 Ideas To Bring Our Schools Into the 21st Century

Envision a world where every child in every classroom is fully engaged in solving real world problems of their choosing and sharing their ideas, progress and solution with the whole world for the benefit of all. 5 Ideas to get us there:
1.Let children solve real world problems. They learn skills that they can use in most every job.
2.Let the children decide which problem they collectively want to tackle.
3.Share the problem, proposed solutions as well as the whole process on the web. We live in a networked world, let’s them engage with the world.
4.Big hand-over of the solution via a presentation in front of students, teachers, parents, … Presenting your ideas and solutions in front of a large audience is an essential skill.
5.Project Fridays: Students focus 20% of their time on a project of their choosing. One school day per week: Thank God It’s Project Friday!
These 5 ideas will prep our kids to thrive in this ever faster changing world they inherit.

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  1. What practical steps can be taken today to prepare our kids in every school to thrive in this 21st century world of accelerating change?
  2. What school framework can we create to maximize our kids' creativity and problem solving skills? How can we kindle their spark of curiosity that makes them come alive?
  3. How can we set up a system that enables the sharing of their ideas and solutions for the benefit of all?



Mark Finnern, SAP: Chief Community Evangelist; Future Salon: Founder Host; Alive Schools: Founder, SAP + Future Salon + Alive Schools

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