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SXSW Interactive 2013

Saying No to Numbers and Yes to Creativity

How does a photo-sharing site fill its pages with art? How did a publishing platform encourage contributors to create heartfelt stories that touched millions of readers? What did a video portal do to attract Web content good enough for its own indie film festival? How do you crowdsource sound and turn down the noise? In short, how can courageous community management inspire creativity? Four leading media publishing platforms—Flickr, SoundCloud, Vimeo, and Yahoo! Contributor Network—share how they grow quality and measure the expansion of their communities by output, not with shallow metrics that favor quantity. You’ll walk away understanding how to consistently tell a community, “Spend your most creative time—not all of your time—with us.”

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  1. How can you convince bean counters that quality and creativity matter more than “more?”
  2. Can you transform a quantity-based platform into a quality-based platform?
  3. How do you design UI that accomplishes community management on a self-serve, scalable basis?
  4. 90% of everything is crap. How can community managers attract the 10% without getting flooded by the 90%?
  5. Why is a “dip-in, dip-out” community more valuable to media publishers than an addicted, permanently logged-in community?



Jelena Woehr, Community & Communications Manager, Yahoo! Contributor Network

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