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SXSWedu 2014

Globally empathetic, standards-based web lessons

In this panel, I would introduce the website "The Global Lives Project" to the audience, explaining the mission of the site as well as basic navigation of the site. I would lead participants through searching the film footage, and engage the participants in various activities that can be used with students in the classroom using the footage. Additionally, I would introduce the curriculum that has been developed to use in tandem with the site, curriculum that is linked to the Common Core standards; is cross-disciplinary; and includes lessons for usage in elementary through high school classrooms.

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  1. Why should educators concern themselves with fostering global awareness and empathy in their students when they have "real curriculum" to teach?
  2. How can educators, across age groups and disciplines, utilize the website "The Global Lives Project" to cultivate empathy and global awareness in their students, with lessons anchored in the Common Core standards?
  3. How will the curriculum and lesson plans/units available from "The Global Lives Project" website deepen students' empathy as well as content knowledge?



Nicole Moore, Education Fellow; high school English teacher, The Global Lives Project

Meta Information:

  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Solo Presentation
  • Track: Global Connections & International Approaches
  • Level: Intermediate
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