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How to Build the Right Team Around Your Music

The past few times we've done panels the same questions pop up. The panel ends, a swarm of people gather to ask how do I [insert subject here]? It feels as if everyone came to the panel looking for the answer of "Help me, I'm clueless as to how to make the right decisions."
This is a comprehensive 1-hour panel on how to build the team around your music/brand/business.
For new artists/musicians/bands this will be a crash course in making sure you don't get F#@K'ed over from your inception.
For people in the industry it will offer insight into areas that they may not work in.
For people entering into the industry it will be a crash course of the different areas of the biz, what they do, what they may want to enter into.
Basically we'd want to see this we're creating it.

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Nani Stoick, Manager, Vector Management

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