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Hacking Cities for a Better, Sustainable Tomorrow

U.S. cities, often resource-strapped and perceived as slow to adapt, are not known as havens for digital innovation. However, leaders are emerging in and outside government institutions that are passionate about applying web-based technologies to address this reputation. Cities, overcoming budgetary roadblocks with digital solutions, are increasing engagement and enhancing efficiencies to improve civic accountability and management. Costly infrastructure investment is still a hurdle most cities can’t climb, but the most impactful innovation, not tied to big government or global corporations, is often driven by inspired individuals looking to solve problems in their communities: a neighborhood watch mobile application or a tool that makes better commute options accessible. Join us to discuss this emerging wave of place-based, localized innovation, spurred through a convergence of public, private and nonprofit efforts, to create smarter, more sustainable cities – one app at a time.




Laura Moen, Senior Associate, Bateman Group

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