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SXSWedu 2014

How to Implement Technology to Drive Student Gains

Adaptive technology, blended learning, flipped classrooms - you have heard the terms and know what they mean. You may even be responsible for implementing a new technology program or system in your school or district. You have read an article or ten about a district that is successfully implementing solutions and changing students' lives. The problem is that those stories rarely dive deep enough to give you the details of how the district is doing it, who is involved, challenges they've faced, lessons they've learned, and why they've made the choices they've made.

This panel of practitioners from leading charter, virtual, and traditional schools/districts will discuss successes, challenges, and the innovative strategies they're employing to make adaptive technology work for them in order to make classrooms better places for teachers and students.

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  1. How does a diverse set of districts/schools implement new, adaptive technology? What tools, strategies, and tactics, including scheduling, tools, IT infrastructure, teacher training, should you employ to make implementation work?
  2. What needs to change in a district/school, including the teaching/learning model, culture, and staffing structure, to be successful?
  3. What are the most common issues, easiest wins, and biggest misconceptions (yours and/or others’) about trying to implement new technology?



Courtney Marsh, Director of Marketing, Curriculum Associates

Meta Information:

  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Panel Discussion
  • Track: Best Practices & Implementation
  • Level: Beginning
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