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Innovation: The Intersection of Invention & Value

One of the biggest problems that a company faces when starting an innovation program or project is to reach consensus on the definition of innovation. This is more than a semantics issue. Without agreement on exactly what the goal is the company is unlikely to achieve it. This leads in many cases to the problem of "innovation fatigue" where innovation is nothing more that a buzzword.

We are proposing a new definition of innovation that cuts through the fog and results in a practical approach that increases the probability of success for innovation projects. In this presentation we discuss:

o A new definition of innovation that applies not just to products but to services, business models or business processes
o How to relate innovation and value
o Examples of invention vs. innovation: Segway vs. Electric Scooter, Orkut vs. Facebook, Disposable razors vs. Fusion, Blackberry vs. iPhone

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Jose Briones, Sr. Consultant, C-Level Advisors

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