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SXSW Music 2014

Top Tech Innovation Trends for Music 2014

Join leading technology insiders as they share the latest and hottest trends in tech innovation, consumer electronics, music, high end audio, social media and startups – and unveil a top-level view of what’s coming in the near and long-term future for music and entertainment. What will entertainment look like – and how will we consume it? How will the distribution, sharing and enjoyment of music be changed by driverless cars, wearable technology and computers, sensors, 3d printers, curated content, and robotics? What will privacy and personal identity mean within the evolving context of the hyper-connected, always-on age of mobile and big data – and how will this impact entertainment channels, choices and purchases? What kind of new devices will we see in the future, and what are the devices that we’re using now that will become much less relevant? How will the connected home and the living room of the near and long term future be transformed? Kevin O’Malley will moderate.

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  1. How will automotive technology , Bluetooth/airplay-enabled speakers and soundbars impact the choices, consumption and distribution of music?
  2. How will increasing demand by consumers to integrate their mobile devices into their vehicles affect sales, and what role will Internet radio control or apps play in this?
  3. What are the latest developments in privacy, digital rights, and freedom of speech affecting innovation and the music business?
  4. What is the “age of context” we’re entering – and how will mobile, inexpensive sensors and big data change our lives, how will these new technologies change the way we interact with each other – and how will music products become more personal and assertive?
  5. What are Personal Contextual Assistants [PCA’s] – and how do they utilize cloud-based, open mobile platforms, with contextual SDK’s or Software Developer Kits?



Kevin O'Malley, President, TechTalk / Studio

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