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Why Your Social Campaign Sucks

Brands recognize the necessity of incorporating social media in their advertising and PR campaigns, and yet most still treat social media as an afterthought than as a real driver of customer service or leads.

Companies need to think of social as integral to their campaigns. Just as “growth hacking” has become a necessary consideration for startups, brands need to integrate social efforts from the start. This means more than simply adding share buttons, it means optimizing your campaigns for maximum ROI. It’s about building real community and audience for your brand rather than simply surviving off the sugar rush of viral campaigns.

This panel brings together digital marketing and social experts from major brands to explore how best to integrate social platforms and extract real value from your social communities and assets. It’s not enough to simply have a tumblr, facebook or twitter page; social needs to be woven into the very fabric of your business strategy from the ground up

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Doug Freeman, PR, Jones-Dilworth

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