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KQED Do Now: A National Debate on Current Events

Public life, increasingly, is happening online. Accordingly, in-school and out-of-school educators need models of civic education and engagement that build on youth enthusiasm for digital tools and networks and that support their use of these tools for civic purposes. KQED Do Now is one way that provides young people with a platform to discuss social and political issues using social media. Currently, the project is in over 100 schools across the nation where students join a weekly debate, responding to each other's ideas, crafting multimedia arguments, and searching for online publications to support their claims. This presentation will examine Do Now and explore the value of social media, mobile devices, and digital media production in education, where learning can happen at anytime, opening the doors to an audience beyond the classroom or school. We will see how two educators implement Do Now with their students to generate a strong sense of civic engagement and digital literacy.

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Matthew Williams, Educational Technologist, KQED Public Media

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