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SXSW Interactive 2013

Little Start-up, Big Company: A Survival Guide

How do you convince a 110-year-old company to create and sustain an in-house start-up? And why the hell would you want to? Michael Crane of AAA Club Partners and Matthew Carlson of Hot Studio will answer those questions, sharing the big ideas and hard work behind TripleSpot, a UGC-powered guidebook and mobile app created for AAA Club Partners. In January of 2013 TripleSpot will launch its Public Beta, representing over a year of strategy, design, testing and development. To pull it off required building a little start-up inside a big company, then giving it enough food, coding and shelter to keep it alive all the way to launch. Michael and Matthew will share lessons learned along the way, like “Introducing Agile to Executives” and “Think Like a Millennial!” and “How to Create a Bazillion Dollar Deck to Save Your Start-up”. If you need to hatch a crazy scheme to launch a little start-up in your big company, this talk is for you.

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  1. When does it make sense to grow your own start-up, rather than partnering, hiring or acquiring another company to fit your organizations business goals?
  2. How can you demonstrate a Unique Value Proposition compelling enough to convince an executive team to take the risk and invest in a disruptive new product or service?
  3. How can you hold the ROI wolves at bay long enough to give your growing start-up a fighting chance?
  4. How can you bring key stakeholders into a development process to increase their understanding of how Start-ups work, and why they’re valuable to organization?
  5. How can you keep Start-up culture alive in a corporate environment? What sort of team do you need to build and recruit, in order to sustain a corporate start-up and how can you protect them from assimilation into the status quo?



Matthew Carlson, Principal, Experience Strategy & Design, Hot Studio Inc.

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  • Event: Interactive
  • Format: Dual
  • Track: Entrepreneurialism and Business
  • Level: Advanced
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