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Minorities and Health Tech: A How-To Workshop

The explosion of new technologies is poised to positively impact the health of all Americans. Urban communities represent the most urgent need for healthcare & the fastest growing segment of costs. However, these communities are the least targeted for tech innovation despite positive adoption trends. Information technologies have lowered barriers & increased care access, thus being ideal for combating persisting health disparities.

This two and a half hour long workshop will discuss needs and opportunities for people of color and others to use their experience, skills & resources to build sustainable health tech solutions targeting communities of color. Part 1 will explain the need for health tech that consciously includes underrepresented groups in the design and implementation process, as well as a discussion of why minority developers are uniquely suited to lead innovations for the urban community. Part 2 will give practical how-to guidance on getting started & partnering with health care institutions.

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  1. What are the top 3 health disparity areas impacting communities of color that can potentially be improved by health tech innovations and why should developers and technology investors create solutions to address health disparities? Part 1 of the workshop will give overview data on health disparities currently affecting communities of color and present a business case for developing health tech innovations for this population.
  2. Why are communities of color uniquely positioned to adopt health tech innovations? Part 1 of the workshop will provide information on current technology and social media uses and consumption behavior by communities of color and provide use cases on how this information may be applied to health tech innovation development.
  3. What are key strategies for partnering with diverse communities before, during and after the design process? During part 2 of the workshop, speakers will provide insights from their experiences in building collaborative partnerships with communities of color to address health disparities.
  4. Who are key stakeholders in the health innovation space and how can I gain support for my project? Part 2 of the workshop will identify unique aspects of the health care innovation community (i.e. patients, communities, health care providers, health systems, insurers, pharmaceutical, biotech, academic institutions and government) and provide key resources for mentorship, collaboration and potential funding opportunities.
  5. What is the Open Data Initiative and how can it be used to create health technology innovation solutions to address health disparities? Opportunities to serve health consumers and the broader health care community are available for developers to build applications that draw from the rich data sources of federal agencies. Data was recently released by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and examples of open data sources will be discussed.



Andre Blackman, Founder, Pulse + Signal

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