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Digital Radio Marketing Tactics


Digital radio often comes in familiar shapes and sizes, but there are many companies pushing the envelope with groundbreaking and innovative business models. Meet the next generation of digital radio services, utilizing the standard compulsory license available through SoundExchange to gain access to the world of recorded music without needing to license music through direct negotiation. Learn how these radio services are finding new ways to create exposure, add listeners, and generate income for performing artists; artists are finding that it is not only possible to introduce their music to the world, but also to get paid. With a mix of creative label marketers, smaller edgy radio services, and programmers from major digital radio services all on one panel, ideas are sure to germinate.


  1. We will discuss digital radio business models that are generating income, and answer questions related to adapting these and other potential business models to your own business.
  2. Are major digital services making an impact similar to the impact made by traditional radio?
  3. What types of tools are available to analyze the performance of your music on digital radio? Are these tools provided by the radio services themselves, or are they external services, and how effective are they in helping radio work for you?
  4. What types of digital marketing are effective when applied to the world of digital radio? Are different tactics needed for entry level artists and artists higher up the food chain?
  5. Who's really breaking new ground...smaller services, or the larger services? If you're an independent artist, where should you focus your efforts?



Dick Huey, CEO, Toolshed

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