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Energy at the Movies: From Campus to Primetime

Learn how to become a 21st century communicator from UT Austin professor Michael Webber, who launched a national PBS special that reaches more than 37 million homes and 100 million people. Based on his UT Austin course of the same name, Dr. Webber and co-creator Juan Garcia will discuss the evolution of “Energy at the Movies,” a STEM television special that illustrates how Hollywood has captured the history of energy through popular films. No matter your media experience or the size of your budget, you can apply the lessons learned to create your own content and discover what it takes to entertain and engage viewers.

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Learning Objectives

  1. Why "edutainment"? Why should you make educational content entertaining?
  2. How can you turn educational content into engaging television?
  3. What is the future of EDU TV, and how can you get involved?



Michael Webber, Professor and Host, Webber Energy Group, UT Austin

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