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SXSW Music 2014

Big Data and the Music Business

Join a pair of leading minds from Next Big Sound and SeatGeek in a unique panel covering how data analysis can help identify the next wave of emerging music acts before they break out, and how insights drawn from data can help artists maximize their commercial potential.

Victor Hu is the lead Data Scientist at Next Big Sound, which tracks billions of social signals to help record labels, artists and band managers make better decisions. Steve Ritter is the lead Data Scientist at SeatGeek, the web’s largest live event ticket search engine. Collectively, Next Big Sound and SeatGeek analyze reams of data on the social and consumption and spending patterns of music fans worldwide.

In a panel moderated by William Gruger of Billboard, Victor and Steve will explore the interrelationship between a viral hit song and box office success, the correlation between geographic popularity of an artist and ticket prices and many more fascinating topics driven by analysis of music industry data.

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  1. What are some of the early data signals that “fingerprint” a band about to break out to wider audience?
  2. What channels of digital distribution provide the best exposure to an emerging artist?
  3. What can Big Data analysis of music industry data yield for traditional A&R?
  4. Are bands really “Big in Japan” – e.g., do bands actually have fervent geographically-focused fanbases in far-off places?
  5. How frequently should an artist perform in a given city before they’ve “tapped out” their fan base in that locale, and is the decision to add extra performances in a given city usually a good decision, or an ill-advised one?



Will Flaherty, Director of Communications, SeatGeek

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