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SXSW Interactive 2013

We Build Online Communities. Really, We Do.

The concept of an online community means more to libraries than simply having a chatroom and a blog for folks on which to comment. It involves making resources freely available, teaching our communities how to access these resources, and getting local community members to interact and work together in ways no other civic institution can.
Be it digital collection or ask-a-librarian, libraries have been building online communities since before we were “supposed to be” online. In most cases, our technology is not particularly cutting-edge, and our SEO tactics are sometimes lacking, yet our communities love and use our online resources and want more.
Even with the unique success stories we have there is room for you to help libraries build community and succeed, especially as technology evolves and makes new services and outreach possible. Hear about how libraries made it online, and help us figure out how we can keep making it better in the future.

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  1. What can libraries, one of the original community-centered, non-profit organizations, teach others about building online communities?
  2. What can libraries learn from online communities that were built for other goals?
  3. How do you build an online community when you have few resources?
  4. If I am online using social media, various search engines, and commercial services to get my e-content, why do I even need the library in the coming years?
  5. What can I do to make sure my local library is a relevant, practical resource for me?



Amy Buckland, eScholarship, ePublishing & Digitization Coordinator, McGill University Library

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  • Track: Community and Activism
  • Level: Intermediate
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