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Go Home Marketing, You Are Drunk

"In order to succeed into today's competitive digital landscape, companies must leverage mobile enterprise technologies while engaging in social media cross-channel in agile content marketing blah blah blah." Sorry, marketers. We can’t hear you, because we have collectively, actively stopped listening. Your ads, your overloaded websites, your sponsored content, your "infotainment series"—these are not the things we want or need. What we need, dear people, is for you to pause … and breathe. Stop treating every day like a fire drill. Momentarily ignore the shiny new trends. Instead, take a look at the things that are (still) fundamentally broken. Your message is splintered. Your teams are siloed. Your technology is backwards. Your content still sucks. So let's sit down together and talk about a whole new world of marketing, one where pragmatism and principle drive a new kind of innovation: fixing what's actually broken, versus finding new things to break.

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Kristina Halvorson, CEO, Brain Traffic

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