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SXSW Interactive 2014

How REI Navigates Local Social Media Operations

For the past several years, national brands have attempted to localize social media through staffing and content to make communications more relevant and meaningful for customers. Shifting user behavior and fast-innovating social networks from Facebook to Foursquare have brought opportunities and challenges to the effort. With 129 stores in 32 states, REI has gone through an evolution trying to organize its stores for marketing and customer service social media tactics. In this case study presentation, learn where REI began with its early “local social” efforts, what it learned along the way and how it has structured its social media program today to optimize its communication with customers at local and national levels.

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  1. What value does local social media marketing provide to national brands?
  2. What are the bright spots and challenges managing in-market teams supporting social media?
  3. What challenges and opportunities have social networks presented in an effort to provide more local content from national brands?
  4. What tools does REI use to manage local social media operations?
  5. How has REI measured success and used insights to modify its local social media program?


  • Kelly Walsh, Digital Engagement Program Manager, REI


Kelly Walsh, Digital Engagement Program Manager, REI

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  • Event: Interactive
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  • Track: Social and Relationships
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  • Level: Intermediate
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