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SXSW Music 2013

Ask Uncle Sam: All about the US Music Market

Bands and businesses from all around the world come to SXSW Music to promote themselves to US audiences and industry. Global Music Export http://globalmusicexport.wordpress.com/ will seek the top 5-10 "need to know" issues about the US music market from our international membership. Recruiting top level US industry experts, we will deliver a panel that answers these questions and takes our audience another step closer to conquering the all-important US - which is, after all, why we are here. The questions below are the results of a small sample survey undertaken recently so are just a taster of the subjects we are likely to cover. Suitable speakers will be recruited based upon the most popular questions raised in our forthcoming full membership survey. However our taster survey has indicated that the following key themes may well make an appearance; Radio, Touring and Releasing.

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  1. I’ve got six months to launch my music career in the US. Who should I meet and where should I go?
  2. What actually sells a record in the US? In the UK we rely heavily on radio to actually shift units but in the US It apeears that there are only two terrestrial services that matter in the indie sector, and they are somewhat local.
  3. Who are the best grass roots/tastemaker PRs (online/press/radio) and what radio/TV stations are pro international music?
  4. How does the gigging scene differ (or not) from other countries? What gets covered - accommodation or just fees?
  5. Tell us about the way performance royalties are collected in the States and about the growth of Soundexchange due to online royalties?



Pip McEvoy, Event Manager, UK Trade & Investment

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