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Naked Startups: Lessons from the Startup Economy

As an entrepreneur, how often do you bare it all? In a startup economy, when we strip down the layers and get to the bare bones, do you have the guts to risk it all and expose yourself in order for you and your team to truly succeed?
This panel will explore the innovative methodologies that are currently transforming this landscape, ask the hard questions that can make or break a startup and give tangible advice on how each entrepreneur can create a sustainable future.

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  1. What if you could learn from successful individuals about their approach and what they did to achieve success?
  2. What if, as a new entrepreneur you could achieve clarity in this ecosystem and discover the quickest and clearest path to solve the challenges of funding, staffing and launching a new venture?
  3. How do you identify the obstacles your startups will face before they come?
  4. How can I generate a success strategy without knowing how a market will change?
  5. Do unicorns and fairies actually exist?



Steven Fisher, Managing Director, Revolution Factory

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