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SXSW Music 2014

Now Indie Musicians Can Collect Royalties Too

While the music business has taken a nosedive over the past decade, publishing revenues have grown substantially. One report shows that, by 2015, publishing and sync revenue will be over $1.7 billion higher than 2005. However, collecting royalties for music is tough to do effectively under the best of circumstances. For independent artists, it’s even tougher. Learn the difference between a performing rights organization and a publisher and to distinguish performance royalties from mechanical royalties. Learn how royalties are collected differently in the U.S. versus in the rest of the world thanks to different laws. Hear how to navigate variations for digital versus terrestrial royalties. In this session, panelists will discuss emerging services to help independent musicians and labels start collecting money from publishing. Attendees will get a deeper understanding of the emerging publishing ecosystem in the digital age and have a chance to hear how one artist has navigated it so far.

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  1. Why should all musicians be paying attention to publishing as a revenue stream?
  2. What are the basic types of royalties?
  3. What does an artist need to do to maximize the collection of their royalties?
  4. How does publishing vary between the United States and other parts of the world?
  5. What services can artists use to begin collecting royalties in a systematic way?



Tracy Maddux, CEO, CD Baby

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