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The New Culture of Innovation & Online Learning


Are you considering taking online classes to pick up new skills, a manager looking to foster innovation with new training, or an entrepreneur looking to turn their specialty into a side income?
Traditional higher education is experiencing incredible disruption:
- Student loan debt is skyrocketing, topping 1 trillion dollars
- Federal funding for higher ed is on the decline, with private scholarships increasingly difficult to secure
- 2010 had the worst unemployment rate for 16-24 year-olds since the data has been tracked
Meanwhile, fast internet speeds, HD video, and the ability to learn at your own pace and on multiple devices have allowed new, nimble players to enter the market and democratize education, giving anyone online access to a world of learning -- often for free.
Join us to find out how entrepreneurs, small business owners, higher education, and corporate America are innovating with online learning and how you can apply their lessons to your startup or business.

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  1. Online classes aren’t limited to 50 or 100 students but rather, the world’s population. In 2010, 31% of college students took at least one online course. Is this a good or bad thing for universities and businesses?
  2. Educational alternatives can be led by high quality professors from Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Berkeley -- or your next door neighbor with a high degree of energy and creativity around a specialized skill. How does one navigate through all of the options for online learning to make the greatest impact on their education, job or business?
  3. The transformation could lead to specialized, real-time learning for students, while at the same time giving worldwide exposure to the best teachers (the top 10 Instructors on online learning site made a total of $5 million in 2012). How are companies leveraging this? And how are entrepreneurs incorporating this into their own business offerings?
  4. New online learning contenders include EdX, Udacity, Lore, Coursera, Khan Academy and so on. Online learning is a growing trend and becoming a mainstream way to learn. Do you foresee companies accepting "degrees" from these online learning resources in lieu of traditional degrees?
  5. The digital and tech landscape is a fast-paced and quickly evolving environment. How are small businesses and corporate America taking advantage of these new learning platforms to foster innovation and to stay ahead of the curve for specialized skill sets?



Jim Hopkinson, President, Hopkinson Creative Media, LLC

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