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Back to School - bringing coding back to schools

While Northern Ireland has been recognised as a source of highly capable software developers, since mid-2000s we have seen a reduction in the number of students opting to pursue a Computer Science/Software Engineering degree at University.

We believe that this is not related to ability. Rather it is a consequence of the removal of programming content from schools in favour of a very high level "ICT" syllabus which emphasises use of ICT as opposed to software development.

The staff of local IT company, Kainos, decided to mobilise to address this problem and created a series of initiatives to bring coding education to young people to allow them to make informed choices about their career. The initiatives included hackathons, summer camps, innovative work placements, competitions, talks with a view to reaching parents, teachers and government, as well as young people.

This talk will explore how the next generation of programming talent can be inspired and nurtured.

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Tom Gray, CTO, Kainos

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