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SXSWedu 2014

The DIY Economy

The DIY economy is here and life as we knew it will never return. What does this mean for those trying to find employment or switch careers? In the recent past a four-year higher education degree meant stability with one company for a lifetime. Now a four year degree may be more of a liability leading to personal financial debt. What are the new realities of the modern world of working? How does understanding that the new world is about influence and the knowledge economy help in mastering the DIY world? How does one properly prepare for perpetual freelancing? In this educational forum, Geoffrey Colon, growth hacker and disruptive innovator, will "flip the classroom" and allow the audience to lead the discussion in this one-hour critical think tank. How will social networking be used for work rather than socializing? What does Robin Dunbar's studies have to do with the model of influence? What does a world look like with lots of jobs but no real careers?

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  1. How will social networking be used for employment opportunities in addition to conducting business in the freelance economy?
  2. How does Robin Dunbar's anthropological studies help one to better understand how influence rules in the new economy?
  3. What will the future of work really look like?


  • Geoffrey Colon, Group Marketing Manager, Microsoft


Geoffrey Colon, Group Marketing Manager, Microsoft

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  • Tags: career
  • Event: EDU
  • Format: Solo Presentation
  • Track: DIY, Maker & Hacker
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