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SXSW Music 2014

Digital Music Heavyweights Duke It Out

With all the talk and movement on “fairness” in digital radio that has been making its rounds in the press and on Capitol Hill for more than a year now, there may be some confusion as to what is actually happening. Are you ready to get to the bottom of the topic and learn the facts as both sides duke it out? And we don’t just mean the surface level facts – we mean the details. The ins and outs of why each side is so firm in their positions.

This debate-style panel will feature individuals from different sides of the argument who will engage in an open discussion over what “fairness” in the digital music industry really means.

Questions will be submitted ahead of time via Twitter and Facebook and will be curated by the moderator. The questions will not be known to the panelists ahead of the debate in an effort to keep the responses as fair and honest as possible.

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  1. Who will be affected by the proposed “fairness” bill?
  2. What will be the financial impact of the proposed “fairness” bill on the affected parties?
  3. Who are the key players on each side of the argument?
  4. What can I do to make my opinion heard/count?
  5. What are musicians’ stance on the proposed “fairness” bill?



Lauren Danzy, Marketing Manager, SoundExchange

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