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Predictive Advertising: Scary or Scary Awesome?

The right advertising delivered intelligently, engages the consumer in ways that interest them without scaring them off. This panel will explore the opportunities predictive advertising and mobile RTB affords marketers. Mobile RTB offers immediate value to advertisers and consumers. As with many new technologies, there is fear of the unknown, and this panel will look at why predictive targeting is changing advertising. Marketers can now laser focus their targeting with predictive intelligent decision engines.


  1. What is predictive advertising?
  2. How does predictive targeting measure against behavioral targeting?
  3. What rules should advertisers follow so they don't scare off their target?
  4. How does predictive advertising increase campaign efficiency and performance?
  5. How do real time parameters interacting with ad content impact conversion rates?



Melody Gambino, Director of Marketing , AdTheorent

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