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SXSW Music 2014

The Evolution of Audio in a Mobile World

The audio experience is currently taken for granted. We expect to enjoy audio while at home, on-the-go and in the car from mobile devices, via the cloud and in various digital formats. How do we ensure that as we move from CD to MP3 to the cloud and as mobile technologies evolve and new products come to market, we don’t leave behind audio quality? This panel looks at the changes we’ll see in music creation and production, as well as audio technology to ensure that we still hear music the way artists intended it to be heard and nothing is lost with compression technologies. By unlocking the science of sound, artists and listeners do not have to compromise audio quality for the convenience of having music accessible where and when they want it. Panelists will discuss the latest technologies that impact mobile audio experiences, where the market is going, and what producers and mainstream consumers will see in the coming months and years in audio quality and innovation.

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  1. How is audio being impacted by today’s mobile ecosystem – in positive and/or negative ways?
  2. What is the latest technology in the space? What innovations and growth will we see in this market category?
  3. What do music producers need to know to deliver premium audio on mobile devices?
  4. What are example advancements in audio technology across the mobile ecosystem? What can consumers expect in the future?
  5. What are the greatest opportunities and barriers to innovating audio for mobile experiences?


  • Alex Pham, Senior Correspondent, Billboard Magazine
  • Rob Barnicoat, Director of global benchmarking and business development, Harman
  • Henry Bzieh, North America Chief Technology Strategist , Kia
  • TBD Artist, Artist Talent, TBD


Sabrina Pietryga, Senior Account Manager, Text100

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