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Age Of The Alchemist: A D&D Approach to UX Design

Today, brands need, and want to place the consumer at the center of all marketing activity. However, maintaining consistency and ensuring the greatest brand expression possible means getting specialists from multiple disciplines, and agencies on the same page. This integration is easy in theory, but incredibly challenging in practice.

The solution: Age of the Alchemist, a Dungeon Masters approach to designing brand experiences.

At the intersection of brand communication and UX design lies "Communications Alchemy" a methodology of transforming forgettable experiences into meaningful ones using agility, charisma and wisdom.

While "Communications Alchemy" might be new to Advertising & Marketing, it is old news to fans of RPG such as Dungeons & Dragons. By taking cues from this immersive game and leveraging dynamic technologies of today, we can foster better consumer connections by delivering personalized, tangible, and rewarding experiences.

This workshop will last four hours.




Melody Wolff, Associate Director of Corporate Communications, DDB

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