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Now and then. New tech and established artists.


Among the music community there are artists, managers and marketers that have been at this for years. In order to evolve they have embraced and seek out new technologies, social media strategies and online marketing campaigns to catapult their artists into the now. With the resurgence of legacy artists online, reunions galore and the 90's being considered "classic" there is a movement towards reactivating, reuniting and reinvigorating fanbases. Yes, there are "built in" fans out there, but how do you find them? How do you engage them? How do you keep them coming back? There are strategic steps to this process based on the psycho-graphics of the fan and their relationship with technology. This panel brings with it the experience of working with iconic, classic and well respected artists including The Doors, Janis Joplin, Kiss, Matchbox Twenty, Public Enemy, Smashing Pumpkins, Bad Religion, Social Distortion, Otis Redding, The Afghan Whigs, Toto and numerous others. Not to be missed.

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  1. Established artists have different needs than up-and-coming bands or young pop artists, what is different about working with them in the digital era?
  2. How do you differentiate between a fad technology or application and one that will work for your artist and their fanbase?
  3. How do you know where your fans are? How do you find them and bring them into the fold if they are casual fans? How does social media play into this?
  4. What is the best thing about new technologies for established artists?
  5. Where do you find new applications, new ideas and new platforms?



Rynda Laurel, Founder, CEO, 1968media

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