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PlayStation: Data at the Speed of Gaming

Video game development is a fast-paced and competitive industry. Having real-time access to the right data lets you turn on a dime and capture market trends you might otherwise miss. This session discusses how PlayStation uses data visualization tools to analyze gameplay metrics, reduce development costs, and increase the speed of decision-making, allowing the team to rapidly answer questions they could never even ask before. You’ll see some of PlayStation’s data visualizations and learn best practices for using data visualization to have a tremendous impact on an organization of any size and from any industry.

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  1. What kind of implications does real-time data have on organizations of any size, in any industry?
  2. How does SCEA (PlayStation) use data collected to analyze gameplay metrics like kills per weapon, skill selection, etc.?
  3. How can I use data visualization to make more informed decisions for my business?
  4. How can I identify undiscovered market trends through visual analysis?
  5. What are the tools and technologies at the forefront of this type of analysis?



Janice Robertson, Marketing Events Manager, Tableau Software

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