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Community-Led Commerce: Love Is All You Need


So many successful mobile apps today are driven by purchased downloads and spoof reviews, and it’s become increasingly unclear how to measure an app’s growth and sustainability. Gross profits and popularity list ranks are important, but both pale in comparison to the most important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) in mobile: user engagement. For mobile apps, a loyal userbase and a thriving community is the lifeblood that keeps the product and brand alive. CEO and cofounder of Poshmark Manish Chandra and Mayfield Ventures Director Tim Chang will talk about how the best way to measure engagement of a mobile community is through love.
On Poshmark, women all over the country have opened up their bedroom closets to buy and sell fashion from each other, and becoming best friends and "Poshmates" offline. Manish and Tim will speak on how company principals of love and community can empower your userbase, and how putting humanity back into identity can change the way marketplaces function.

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  1. With the rise of P2P share economy apps like Uber, AirBnB, and TaskRabbit, what trends do you see in the transformation of retail and the relationship between company, customer, and the fulfillment process? How do you define "peer to peer"?
  2. So many people in Silicon Valley are hired as "growth hackers" - what do you think of this phrase, and what does Poshmark do to grow its community?
  3. How do you grow a community organically? When do you know how to step back and let the community develop on its own, or when to intervene and be more involved?
  4. How do you instill company core values throughout your product and community without being too inclusive or scaring away new users? How do you balance listening and keeping a loyal userbase, and trying to maintain true to your company values?
  5. Poshmark's main audience is women - how applicable is your advice for different audiences?



Manish Chandra, CEO, Poshmark

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