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FYI Managers: People Don’t Want To Work At Home

It’s true – studies show people prefer working from an office, but the growing list of today’s unusual perks (onsite haircuts, slides and bowling alleys) do little to address the real plight of today’s office worker: an environment that optimizes efficiency. How do you allow employees to avoid impromptu desk visits from co-workers (cited as the number one office distraction) one moment, while simultaneously providing a shared collaboration space for the next? How can you move past the limitations of the dreaded “cube” office configuration, while preventing possible team alienation from a newsroom-like setting?, one of the biggest tech employers in the Bay Area, polled its employees – and the nation at large - to learn what office workers really want in the workplace. And you might be surprised at the results.

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Nikki Neumann, Assistant Account Executive, Dotted Line Communications

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