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Whack-a-Troll: How To Battle Patent Trolls

Patent trolls are an expensive drain on innovation and on the US economy. They target developers, businesses and technology users in hope of a quick, lucrative settlement – because fighting them is even more costly. In 2011, patent trolls cost the US economy $80 billion. Even more startling is that in 2012, patent trolls sued more non-tech companies than tech companies. So what do you do if one of these greedy trolls comes after you?
In this session, Rackspace Senior Vice President and General Counsel Alan Schoenbaum and Electronic Frontier Foundation Staff Attorney and Mark Cuban Chair To Eliminate Stupid Patents Julie Samuels highlight the growing problem patent trolls pose; showcase the need for patent law reform; and arm you with the weapons to battle these cash-hungry trolls and force them back under the bridge.Don’t let patent trolls stifle innovation. Don’t put another penny in their outstretched hands. Join Alan and Julie and become a soldier in the patent troll fighting army.


  1. How do patent trolls hurt innovation?
  2. How are patent trolls draining the U.S. economy?
  3. What do I do if I'm sued by a patent troll?
  4. Who do patent trolls affect?
  5. How can I get involved in the fight against patent trolls?



Leezia Dhalla, Corporate Communications Specialist, Rackspace

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