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SXSW Interactive 2014

Next Generation Retail Stores

And you thought getting a solid mobile strategy out the door was tough. The retail landscape is evolving at a rapid pace and while the future is unclear, one thing is certain: if you don’t embrace a digitized future, your brand will be left behind.
The physical store is fundamentally changing – the store of the future provides a curated, seamless shopping experience that consumers demand.
How? By bringing the best of online technology into the physical store - from lookbooks and 3D printing, to magic “try-on” mirrors and body scans. What, did you think a few in-store iPads would cut it?
There is an unparalleled opportunity for retailers to engage with customers in a new way. Join our elite group of retail leaders – large traditional brands redefining themselves and disruptive startups – as we define the next gen of shopping.
We’ll discuss what’s worked – and what’s not – for retailers, emerging tech and how brands are making bets on the next gen of retail stores.

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  1. What retail technology trends are actually driving engagement and conversion?
  2. What was the biggest technology retail fail of the last five years?
  3. How has in-store technology changed your customer engagement strategy?
  4. What keeps retailers up at night as more consumers go offline for shopping?
  5. Identify one essential component of the store of the future


  • Healey Cypher , Head of Retail Innovation - eBay Inc., eBay Inc.
  • Shivani Tejuja, eCommerce and Multichannel Director at New Look, New Look
  • Bryan Wolff, CFO at Bonobos , Bonobos


Amanda Coffee, Corporate Communications – Innovation & New Ventures, eBay Inc., eBay Inc.

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