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Transform Community Behavior With Digital Design

Can drinking wine help you live longer? Imagine an entire community voluntarily adopting healthy behaviors to improve the quality of life for everyone. Roundarch Isobar and Healthways found a way to create a digital experience that improves lives and make stronger communities. National Geographic reporter Dan Buettner identified 5 “Blue Zone” communities around the world where people live to be unusually healthy until a very late age. Buettner partnered with Healthways to launch a program that brings the power of these identified healthy choices (including drinking wine) to cities around the US. After a successful test run of this partnership in Orange County area of California, Healthways and Wellmark teamed in 2011 to implement the Blue Zones Project as part of Iowa’s Healthiest State Initiative. Healthways and Wellmark use web and mobile to inform the public, call people to take action, and keep the momentum of success going.

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Laura Wahls, Marketing Coordinator, Roundarch Isobar

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