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Embeddables: The next evolution of wearable tech


Embeddables will have significant consequences for the delivery of digital services as monolithic screen-focused devices start to be enhanced with distributed computation. A more ambient kind of experience in which sensors capture information about us and feed that information into systems quietly working away in the background will emerge. Use in initial domains such as healthcare and fitness will extend further to information, communications, entertainment, socialising, learning, work, self-actuation. Virtually any human activity we can think of is going to be modified and amplified with an invisible mesh of data and processing that we will drift through obliviously.
We can think about these systems as mental and sensory prosthetics, increasing our knowledge, perception, and manipulation of the world around us exponentially.
The designers and entrepreneurs of the future will have to understand much more about human psychology and physiology to deliver appropriate se

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  1. What kind of algorithms and learning systems will be needed to take complexity and strangeness away from the users of these services?
  2. What kind of services that predict and even meet our needs without us having to intervene will be the ones that resonate and find an audience?
  3. How will these embeddables be designed so that they blend invisibly with the body? How will we avoid looking like the Borg, or becoming socially inept once we start putting technology onto the surface and inside our bodies?
  4. What is the timeline for the Embeddable revolution, and what do tech companies need to do to prepare for this future?
  5. What are the new types of control mechanisms and interaction metaphors that we are collectively going to have to consider for these type of intangible interfaces? Also how their jobs as designers might be changing quite dramatically away from a visual craft to one that takes into account the other senses?


  • Andy Goodman, Managing Director, Fjord


Andy Goodman, Managing Director, Fjord

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