SXSW Music 2014

Algorithmic, Curated & Social Music Discovery

As the Internet has made millions of tracks available for instant listening, digital music and streaming companies have focused on music recommendations and discovery.

Approaches have included using algorithms to present music tailored to listeners' tastes, using the social graph to find music, and presenting curated & editorial content.

This panel will discuss the methods, successes and drawbacks of each of these approaches. We will also discuss the possibility of combining all three approaches to present listeners with a better music discovery experience, with on-the-ground stories of the lessons from building a Discover experience at Spotify.

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  1. How is music discovery reshaping the face of online music?
  2. How can algorithms and Big Data help with music discovery?
  3. Is mining the social graph a viable approach for discovering music?
  4. What place does curated and editorial content have in a world of algorithms?
  5. How can human and digital approaches be combined to deliver a music discovery experience?


  • Donovan Sung, Product Owner — Discovery, Spotify
  • Doug Ford, Director of Product Editorial, Spotify
  • Miles Lennon, Product Manager, Spotify


Rohan Singh, Software Engineer, Spotify

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