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SXSW Music 2014

Anyone Can Be a DJ: New Active Listening on Mobile

The mobile phone has become the de facto device for accessing music. According to a recent report, the average person uses their phone as a music player 13 times per day. With over 30 million songs available, any time, any place, listening is shifting from a passive to a personalized and interactive experience for a highly engaged audience.

New data-powered music players on sensor-packed devices are becoming smarter, and could enable listeners to feel more like creators (e.g. Instagram) by dynamically adapting music to its context (e.g. running, commuting, partying, playing). A truly personalized pocket DJ will bring music listening, discovery, and sharing to an entirely new level.

In this talk, we’ll look at how data-enhanced content and smarter mobile players will change the consumer experience into a more active, more connected, and more engaged listening experience.

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  1. How is the music listening experience changing, specifically on mobile devices?
  2. What is next after personalized radio?
  3. Can mobile redefine our relationship with music?
  4. How can music players become more exciting, interative and engaging?
  5. Can everyone be a DJ?



Tristan Jehan, Co-Founder and Chief Science Officer, The Echo Nest

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