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SXSW Film 2013

Principled Porn: Is DIY Changing the Industry?

Porn prohibitionists assert that pornography is inherently destructive for both the performer and the viewer. Yet some studies suggest that with decreased institutionalized sexism in a society comes increased variety of pornographic imagery available and the increase of positive limpact on relationships. In the age of internet video and conscientious consumption, independent porn is getting a leg up- direct access to consumers is increasing questions about how work standards being applied to the world of XXX.

With the blogosphere reflecting an increasingly diverse audience for adult materials, how is this changing the perception of who is the exhibitionist and who is the voyeur? And is this impacting the way we interact with porn on a personal, professional and academic level?

These panelists, some working within and some outside of the mainstream industry, will examine how porn is produced, marketed, and consumed, and if a fair trade option is in our erotic futures.

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  1. The adult industry is often cited as displaying very narrow and stereotyped sexual activities and orientations- is this based in fact or moral judgment?
  2. Is all pornographic material inherently a destructive vice for performer and viewer, or is it possible to be a socially conscious individual and engage with pornography?
  3. As the hardware and software of video production becomes more accessible and more performers are doing their own social media marketing instead of through a studio, what is the impact on erotic representation online?
  4. How can a consumer assess the relative ethics of the material they consume?
  5. Is principled pornography possible?



Kitty Stryker, freelance social media marketer, porn performer, Kitty Stryker Communications

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